5 Reasons To Invest In China


Thought this might be fun…



-growing middle class (according to McKinsey, 4% were in it in 2000, 67% in it in 2012)

-trends look very good for the long-term. (US currently 57,000 gdp per capita, China only 8,000 gdp per capita. If China caught up with US, total economy could be valued at approx. $77,000,000,000,000

-culture with huge appetite for consumption (look at popularity of singles day)

-enormous amount of money in bank deposits - $26,000,000,000,000 last time I checked

Actually I only have four!


I will add one:

-the Chinese communist party to have a very singular focus. For example, when they invest in AI, they don’t just invest a few million - they invest billions!

Also, China is gradually opening up to foreign investors. This influx of capital will probably ease their very spicey credit situation…


The Chinese are just beginning to turn into a consumer society, in the way the US before the late 1880s

This means that they are gong to be creating brands now which could last more than 10 years, the Cokes and Wrigelys of their world…

This means there is ENORMOUS opportunity for people looking for long-term investments…