Any book recommendations for 2018?


Want to pick up something a little bit different…


What genre??

Okay, I am just going to go for whatever. One of my favourites from this year was Mushashi - Eiji Yoshikawa…

It’s an epic 1930s samurai novel about an outlaw on a quest to become the greatest samurai in medieval Japan.

It’s a heroic journey with the grit and darkness of a Sergio Leone western!

It also gives a pretty fascinating insight into Japan’s honour-based culture. The samurai culture of those times still exists and this book is the perfect introduction…


It only gets a 9, because it’s long. Otherwise, it’s pretty great!!!


I’ve nearly finished "Reading Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man - James Joyce"


It’s a very literary book and might not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed.

The style of writing is stream of conciousness meaning that the narrative is very jagged and complicated. Instead of a fixed narrative, it’s as if the entire story is being told in someone’s mind. While they are telling the story, they are distracted by different thoughts, memories and associations.

It becomes like detective work trying to work out what is actually happening.

If you are looking for you standard Tom Clancy novel, this is not for you!

If you want something experimental, or a little bit different, give this a shot.


I’ve just finished Dora The Explorer

It’s an absolutely excellent read. I think the over-arching narrative subverts the inverted narrative and the ethereal pleasantness which encompasses the world moved me then creates its own narrative…

Both physically and mentally.

Overall, Dora The Explorer is a tour de force in experimental realism, much in the way that Joyce’s work is not. This is really is a tour de pleasant and a must-read for all post-modern excitables…




Ulysses is still worth it though in my opinion!