Anyone used the Alpha Vantage API?


Interested in building an app using the Alpha Vantage API - anyone recommend it?


I have not used the Alpha Vantage API, but I nearly considered using it for one of my own projects.

This is my overview:

The Good
-Alpha Vantage is free and runs very well

The Bad
-The company has only $120k in funding:

One wonders how they will keep it free, if they only have $120k in funding!

Unless Alpha Vantage get acquired, you are building your project on quicksand.

Because if they suddenly start to charge money and then you are completely fucked!

If you are getting something free, there is always a catch.

I can’t currently see the catch with Alpha Vantage which makes me want to avoid it!

Edit: The founders got accepted to Y Combinator:

Not as shady as I previously thought.

Still, I think it’s a big risk for developers, or founders to build a business-model on an API that could suddenly start charging.


Anyone looking for free-stock market API should consider IEX!

The company provides access to all US equities for free

It’s also very well funded: $100 million! So it’s not like they are going to run out of cash…


It is running into more short-term problems. E.g. their partnership with LTSE has been cast into doubt.

Still… it still looks like a better bet than Alpha Vantage… because of the sheer scale of their funding!

In the long term, IEX remains a good bet. The company has been putting serious pressure on the NYSE and their monopolistic style of business.

FT have article on it:

NYSE is putting its own interest ahead of investors