API Recommendations Google Finance


Looking for some alternative APIs to Google Finance…

Does anyone have any recommendations?


Sure, there’s a post about it already but I can go through it fairly fast…


The two main APIs are IEX and Alpha Vantage

IEX is a stock exchange which offers free data to different developers and users.

The company was started in 2012 and since has grown to become a major player in finance.

The company’s primary aim is to provide free stock data to users and developers in order to democratize the internet…

It has a number of key advantages:

Reliable - The company’s data is very reliable and is completely safe to build a business on.

Free - The data is completely free and our use of the data is unlimited. You can use it as much as you want…

There aren’t a huge number of disadvantages to using the technology…

Alpha Vantage has much better features for users, but it also has huge disadvantages:


Unreliable - The company has been accepted into Ycombinator, however, there is no guarantee it will secure funding. This means it could start charging users for data at any moment…

Restricted API - The Alpha Vantage API is only usable for some users.

So, it is restricted to developers. It is only possible to use the API for in-built Excel project…

Here’s a few links that might be helpful…

Here’s a few more links:





I would also add Quandl to the list:

They offer:

• A mix of data and APIs for start-ups

• Great deals for start-ups (< $1,000)


Just something to add on Quandl:

You have to pay for a lot of their data, but some of the more obscure data-sets are free.

e.g. I was looking for fundamentals for the Bombay stock exchange and I found them on Quandl for free!

So, it’s definitely worth routing around on the site for whatever you are looking for!