Artificial Intelligence & Farming - Invest


The hype for ai is not just strong, it’s almost deafening. We do not just see this on the news…we see it with the enormous amount of money moving from VCs pockets to AI/ML startups

From 2011 to 2016, the number of deals in ai and ml have been increasing steadily. This are the start-ups focusing on the buzz areas that everyone is interested in - finance, manufacturing, white collar professions…

But one area which we rarely see any interest in is farming. When when you think about, ai is almost the perfect fit for farming. Lets briefly take a look at why!

Farms Looking Like Manufacturing
Farms are slowly beginning to like factories. Their processes are tightly-controlled, the animals and plants raised on the farm are tightly-controlled and gene editing means vastly improves crop productivity…

In the near-term, these will vastly increase farmers profits by cutting costs and increasing yields. But they also answer the question of how we are going to feed the planet without putting enormous pressure on the earth’s soil and oceans…


That’s why I think an investment in something like John Deere makes a lot of sense. Sure, John Deere is an industrial behemoth, but it could also be a great value investment…

• Stable dividend

• Boring, low-risk business

• Return On Equity (ROE) for investors stands at roughly 16.72%

• JD continuously invests in new technologies. It recently bought Blue River Technology, a Californian start-up that makes machine learning tools for agriculture.


Interesting, thanks for sharing!