Book Recommendations


I want to start a list of book recommendations from people on the forum…

Add in:
-cover picture
-brief summary and reason you liked it


The Intelligent Investor - Ben Graham. I have never read this from cover-to-cover, but I have it in my bathroom and pick it up when I’m in the bath. I have never put it down with learning an insight from Graham. While some parts are not relevant anyone, the parts of the book on valuation, portfolio management, the psychology of investing and the importance of solid management are incredible. If you have not read this. Buy it.


The Big Short - Michael Lewis. Absolutely brilliant. The book follows the investing oddballs and wall street rejects who made billion dollar enormous bets against the housing market in 2008. I particularly enjoyed the story of Michael Burry, a true value investor who saw how the events would unfold far before anyone else and gambled his entire fund on the event. 10/10.


Don’t know if we’re still going here?

My recommendation would be Endurance - Alfred Lansing:


It’s a true story about Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton and his journey in during 1910s across the Antarctic

Gripping non-fiction… really worth a look!