Bootstrapping start-ups in finance sector


I’ve been getting really into Indie Hackers recently and I noticed some of posts relating to the finance industry…

Thought I would share some of the stories I found interesting:

Web Realty

Monthly Revenue: $100k

What is it:

A marketing and sales console for the real estate industry. Users can create their own websites, create landing pages and build their own email marketing campaigns

They have 14 team members in 6 different countries

How they coded it:

They googled PHP developer in Pakistan and found the right person to code it and then hired him…

It’s a pretty good read, you can catch more about it here:


Nice one will check it out. Here are another few that I have enjoyed - all in the finance sector:

Sentiment - A Social Media Analyser - $100,000 per month

Stock Trading Bot - Neural Network-Based Algorythmic Trading App - $3,500 per month

Intrinio - Low-Cost Stock Market API - $100,000 per month


I would also add this in as well!

Crypto-Currency Trading App - Acrypto - $4,000 per month


Nice one - will check it out!