Can anyone recommend the best new books on investing? (2018)


I am new to investing and I want to read some modern books in vestment theory…

Can anyone recommend anything for me?



The Intelligent Investor - Ben Graham.

This is probably the best book ever written on investing. Ben Graham created coined value investing during the 1950s when he condensed his principals into a theory. He had found that by uncovering unglamorous, unloved stocks at severe discounts, he could profit from stocks no one bothered to look at.

His value investing philosophy has proven to be the most successful investing philosophy of all time. While investing methods come and go, value investors have consistently managed to beat the market with their off-beat philosophy. Graham himself had to stop investing, because it became too easy!

Ben Graham introduces classic value investing terminology like:

• Margin of Safety: protecting yourself against loss of capital

• Sub 15 Pe Stocks: Finding stock with a price to earnings below 15

• The importance of able management

He also uses examples to make his points clear and newer versions of the book gives a modern touch to Graham’s sometimes dated writing.

This is probably the best book ever written on investing. A true classic.