Can anyone suggest/recommend AI investing software?


I am interested in the finding software that acts as a virtual portfolio manager…

Has anyone come across anything they would recommend?


Interesting question…

At the moment, I found software called Kavout, which is essentially an ai investing platform, something similar to what you suggested above. Based on its website, I think it offers a lot of the mod-cons you would expect from an ai investment manager - but nothing incredible.

The issue with ai investing platforms is trust (in my opinion). People do not mind google seeing where they went for a meal, or using their location data to churn on data on traffic numbers…

But money is concerned, people are very concerned about data. The problem these investing platforms is trust in my opinion. I think software like Kavout will struggle to really take off, until it can earn the trust of customers.

For that reason, I think older brands such as Blackrock, Goldman Sachs, or newer Silicon Valley-esque brands such as Robinhood, or Wealthfront, will capture this market before new is investing start-ups, because trust is a very important factor when it comes to people and money!