China Food And Beverage Market 2018


I run a small hedge fund and we want to know anyone knows a place where we can source market research reports on China and more specifically China’s food and beverage market from 2017 onwards…

we are looking for very detailed analysis on the market…

Most of the reports I see online do not seem legitimate - I want something professionally done with detail…


Hi there,

We are in dialogue with a number of Chinese market report firms in the hope that we can syndicate their content, pool all of their resources together to create detailed reports.

Most market research firms charge $2,500 upwards for reports on China. However, we would aim to deliver these reports for less than a $1,000.

Our aim is to provide a service for global investors and entrepreneurs who want to compete in a market which is highly competitive, yet contains enormous opportunity

If you are interested to learn more, please email We are building up a portfolio of market reports at the moment, so we may have something you are looking for.

We look forward to hearing from you!



I’m definitely interested in this market - looks v exciting