Creating An Algorithmic AI Fund Product


I am an entrepreneur interested in building a tool to allow mutual funds to essentially build a tool for developing their own algorithmic fund…

If you wanted to invest in gold-mining companies for a particular theme and you had a very strict set of criteria you needed to meet, imagine you could work with a programmer to building your own alg.

You would pay .5% on the product and only take in investors willing to part with $5m+. If you could convince your investors that the product worked, I think you could put together something pretty incredible.

I am not sure how the technology would work. I think you could create a neural network algorithm and then use blockchain to “automate” the algorithim…

Is this possible to do?


This isn’t answering your question directly, but I know Li Ka Shing has thrown millions at investment company Miotech:

They’re product has been fairly well received so far and it looks like to will be rolled out across asia:

Watch this space!