Does anyone know any lithium stocks that could explode?


According to Bloomberg online, the electric car revolution is coming far faster than expected…

How can people invest in the resource needed for the car’s ION batteries - Lithium?


If you want to invest in the coming lithium trend, why not sidestep everyone else and invest in cobalt instead.

Cobalt is needed just as much as lithium in the production of ION batteries:

I would invest in a company with a great deal of lithium exposure - glencore.

According to a recent bloomberg article, Glencore produces almost a third of the world’s cobalt which it mines in the democratic republic of Congo.

Glencore is an absolute monster and investors could benefit from their scale. They will not be as nimble as other companies, but at least you can see how they have fared over the past few years.


One thing to note when investing in Lithium companies, is their exposure to countries with unstable trade policies…

Glencore seems to do a lot of business in Africa - the question is whether this business could be easily disrupted…

I would much prefer to invest in a company which extracts most of its Lithium from democratic companies like America and Australia - both of which seem to have relatively high supplies according to Bloomberg…