Finviz Stock Screener - Recommend?



I want to invest in the Finviz stock screener - would anyone recommend it?


I think Finviz would without question be worth your time as an investor…

• Very good value - considering the options you get

• It offers you a simple, yet powerful suite of tools to value companies. See below.

• It also has a portfolio tracker you can use to keep track of your investments

• Uses real-time and Premarket Data - it uses real-time stock quotes and premarket data in all stock markets.

• It uses advanced charts, overlays, indicators and drawing tools to express data visually.

It also allows users to find ETFs and mutual funds correlated with certain stocks…

A number of notable companies use Finviz and its championed by many leading companies:

Finviz may seem expensive considering that many of the features are free.

When you consider however the huge charges that services charge for similar services (I’m looking at you $28k bloomberg terminal), Finviz seems like an absolute steal…

It’s $28/ month, almost 100 times cheaper than the bloomberg terminal