Hedge Fund Contest 2018 (Potential Monetary Prize)



There has been talk about a hedge fund contest on here. Is anyone interested?

Here are some my ideas for rules:

• You choose between 3 stocks to buy and 3 stocks. You can have max 3 of each, but minimum 1 stock, or short.

•You will enter your stocks by the deadline and after that, the sheet is locked.

• You can choose most stocks, bonds, or ETFs.

• Derivatives, Leveraged ETFs, Crypto, ETFs tied to weird indexes (that aren’t industries, or countries-
_ VIX)

• The forum should be have the right to deny a prize to the winner, because they have cheated, chosen stocks that do not fit the guidelines, or for no other reason than that the forum doesn’t like them. This is mainly, because the owners of the forum couldn’t be f**king bothered to police it!

• Winner will be announced on 1 January 2019

• Silly names for your custom hedge funds very much approved

• Dividends do not count

• No actively managed funds

• Investors will be penalised for investing in weird instruments. Half of your investments in 5000% Leveraged VIX ETF and half in 5000% leveraged S&P 500 ETF


Hmmmmmmmm, this looks interesting


I could definitely make this happen…


Yes, I am in as well


Good sir, you can count me in


You may or may not count me in.

But do count me in though…


Did someone say…

monetary prize?