How Can I Make An Augmented Reality Investment?


I am young, retired entrepreneur and I want to allocate a part of my portfolio to augmented reality - how can I do this?


The AR Landscape Today

It’s split into 4 sections and 15 sub-sections




-Magic Leap:



Position, Eye & Gesture Tracking


-Leap Motion:






Mobile Hardware & Enablement






-Baofeng Mojing:


Video Processing / Engine


-High Fidelity:


-Video Stitch:





-The Future Group:

Dev Tools



Camera & Capture



-IC Realtech:


Game & Content Production




Content Platforms

-Space VR:



-Silver TV:






-VR Chat:








Commercial / Retail










-Vicarious surgical:

Heavy Industry


-Upskill :





-Two Bit Circus:


-Virtuix Omni:

-Zero Latency:

-VIR Zoom:

-Phantom VR:

How Do I Invest In AR?

I think the best way to invest in AR is to find a blue-chip tech company investing in the technology and go with that.

It has been rumoured that Apple has been ramping up their efforts to product a VR/AR headset…

Personally, I think Apple’s stock looks almost perfect at the moment.

• Apple’s smartphone market share is above 50%:

• Buffett recently added to his Apple Warchest:

• Apple’s financials look great, especially the cash mountain they are sitting on:

Personally, I think Apple would be a very worth while investment in the next few years…

Buffett must agree with me, because Apple is currently is biggest stock holding…


I know google AR rolling out AR features, you could try them as well!