How Can I Start Investing In AI In 2018?


I am deeply interested in learning about artificial intelligence. Ultimately, I want to invest in artificial intelligence… how can I do it?


This is what I think about AI (if you’re asking!)

Our perception of ai is based on our forecasting of upcoming technologies. One great example is self-driving cars.

The level of hype around self-driving cars is enormous. Although it was a few years ago, PWC predicted that the market for cars would collapse after self-driving cars

If predictions such as self-driving cars, which is the poor man’s ai according to Elon Musk, fall flat. This will have a profound effect on the ai cycle and on funding in general…

An article in the FT recently covers this points very well:

The case against deep learning was put forcefully at the start of this year in a paper by Gary Marcus, a psychology professor at New York University and a persistent sceptic. His list of complaints extends from its heavy reliance on large data sets to its susceptibility to machine bias and its inability to handle abstract reasoning. Mr Marcus’s conclusion was that “one of the biggest risks in the current overhyping of AI is another AI winter”.

He was referring to the period in the 1970s when over-optimism about the technology was followed by a period of deep disillusionment. If one of the key hopes for deep learning, like autonomous driving, turns out to be misplaced, then “the whole field of AI could be in for a sharp downturn, both in popularity and funding”.

I do think ai is in serious danger of becoming over-hyped though!


I agree with the AI hype cycle - it’s fairly intense at this stage…