How to find chinese investors? (real estate, companies, private equity)


How would you find Chinese investors for your investment projects…

Selling Real Estate To Chinese Investors. How?

I wrote a similar response to this already…I will share it with you now…

I am not an expert in china, but like you I am interested in attracting Chinese investors…

Firstly, I will say - there is one main difficulty

Mobile Apps Are Off Limits
Mobile apps are central for the lives of the young Chinese. For example, almost every aspect of their lives is run through an app called WeChat. It’s like a cross between WhatsApp and a Swiss army knife. You can do almost everything on it and its impossible to live in China without it. The issue is that you cannot cannot open a business account for WeChat unless you are based in China, so you are at a loss there. The problem here is that a foreign business cannot set-up in China very easily. In fact, most of the world’s most famous tech groups have failed to set-up in China properly, so it is very extremely unlikely you will reach your Chinese investors this way…

Bypassing Apps
You could by pass the need to create an app by putting together your project and pitching to companies who already have a significant number of Chinese users / investors. I think this would be very effective, because many companies will not have the connections, or resources to put together real estate projects in unknown foreign markets. If you can pitch them the idea, they might be responsive. An example of this would be Alibaba’s Yuebao money market fund. For this project, Alibaba recruited an external fund manager and asked him to put the idea together. If you went down this route, you would need connections in China - but I strongly suspect it would pay off if it worked!

Hope In Email
There is also hope…in email. According to recent statistics by Forbes, millennials still spend enormous amounts of time emailing each other. I cannot see a reason why this would be different in China. For all our differences, our working cultures are very similar (not a huge difference between difference tech groups). If you could create an investing newsletter, or a glossy annual property guide designed for the Chinese, I think this could very effective. Remember…the Chinese are only beginning to become wealthy, so the idea of buying property (especially in the UK) is extremely glamorous and new to them. Similarly, property is an aspirational desire and a symbol of success for many of the Chinese. I could imagine young, aspirational Chinese, subscribing to the newsletter and then eventually buying into the fund- once they had the money to do so!

Overall… I think you will need to think outside the box. But if you get around these obstacles, there will be significant upside!

How to find Chinese property investors?

The Chinese Communist Party are trying desperately to curb yuan outflows…This is especially true with the rise of trade wars.

So, it’s going to be hard finding Chinese investors these days and it will get harder over time no doubt…