How to find Chinese property investors?


I am looking to attract Chinese property investors to some of my projects…

Does anyone know where I can come across them?

Selling Real Estate To Chinese Investors. How?

My answer will be from a different angle, but will answer your question anyway…

1. Western Search Engines Are Blocked In China. And no western company can sign up to China’s google (Baidu), unless they are actually based in China. Registering in China is very difficult and FAANG tech companies have even struggled to get a foothold. The net effect of this is:

Western companies are rarely index if ever indexed in Chinese search engines.

2. The Chinese Economy Is Dancing On A Volancoe And The High Net Worth Chinese Have Seen The Writing On The Wall. The Chinese economy is being propped up by ludicrous amounts of debt and the wealthy know it. They have been taking their money out of China.

They have been talking their money out of China to diversify their assets, because they know trouble is coming down the line. For the very wealthy, you can get an "investing passport to almost any nation in the world, meaning you get full access to that country in exchange for a substantial investment - normally over $500,000…

This means that wealthy Chinese people can have dual citizen to western countries and can invest in that country to diversify their assets.

This is happening already to a certain degree:

In my opinion, this is only the beginning. You can bet this will increase tenfold once the economy really starts to get rocky!

3. Chinese People Based In The West Use Google. I said that Chinese people in China only use Baidu, because Google’s pages cannot be indexed and therefore can’t be used for daily life in China. Well the opposite is true for Baidu in the west. Google is actually quite important for life in the west and features like Google Drives, Google Docs and Google Maps are like a digital swiss army knife for westerners. This means that the Chinese have to use google over Baidu because it caters to western life far better than their domestic search engine. On top of this, there is very little reason to use Baidu because no western companies are indexed on their search engine.

Main Point
If you put these three points together, you see that google’s search engines have very little content for Chinese living in the west in mandarin. This means that very standard marketing practices (blogging) targeting keywords around themes such as “investment passports”, “best countries for investment citizenship”," best tax rates for foreign investors", will be incredibly effective in targeting high net worth Chinese investors currently residing in the west. This figure is low today, but will grow once China’s economy begins going pear shaped. You can use blog posts, forum posts, videos, features - it doesn’t matter. But it’s important that your content must be translated properly into mandarin. Companies in the west have not caught on this yet, but I believe there is enormous opportunities in this space.

If you are interested in talking to me about this, just send me a personal message. I am not an expert, but I see enormous opportunities in this space…

Also, I wrote something on attracting middle income Chinese investors living in China. These are mainly my theories, or ideas, but I think they are worth exploring as many western companies wonder how they can start a conversation with Chinese investors…