How to invest china's rise in artificial intelligence?


China is flexing its muscles as an ai superpower. The Chinese government have recently announced that they plan to create an ai industry worth $150 billion by 2030.

How can investors take advantage of this trend?

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China is ambitious, but it has its serious flaws in its banking and housing markets…

China is certainly aiming to be a dominant power in AI in the coming years, if it doesn’t collapse.

The government is pouring money into AI mainly by funding the big four chines tech companies…something to the tune of $150 billion according to technology review:

You are very unlikely to see extraordinary triple digit returns in these companies, but unfortunately that is the only option available to typical retail investors…

Unless of course you have a few million to set-up a fund and another million to get an investing visa in China! :slight_smile:


Found this just now…

Really interesting interview with Gobi Partners managing partner Ken Xu…