How To Invest eSports Trend?


I’m interested in catching the eSports trend…
does anyone have any ideas?


Interested in eSports as well. I have had an interest in investing in Nvidia - the card maker…

I always saw Nvidia as a graphics manufacturer, just a regular business.

But I did some browsing around forums and stuff and when you talk to gamers, Nvidia is like a cult. People are dedicated to the brand. Also, Nvidia is lightyears ahead of the competition and it has a very siginificant portion of marketshar:

.85% Of gamers on Steam use graphics cards from Nvidia


I think one of the things that really interests me about Nvidia is that it’s run by a founder. For a founder, a company is more than a pay check, it’s years of work and passion

Nvidia’s founder also has skin in the game with all his stock holdings in the company

My only concern would be that Nvidia has been a hot stock already, Soros has invested, a few letters I’m reading are recommending it - Im usually happier in stocks when there’s no interest in it.

Reminds me of the Buffett quote:

What the wise man does in the beginning, the fool does in the end

Come back to me at the end of the bull run!!


Nvidia is on my radar alright