How To Invest In An ETF China?


In keeping with the China theme…

I was wondering how to invest in an china ETF, or which one to invest in…?


Personally, I would be very careful when investing in ETFs… people often confuse them with index funds, but index funds are safer and normally significantly cheaper.

I would recommend the Vanguard emerging markets index fund. It holds a number of companies in China and is very cheap - .32% p/a. It has one serious flaw in that it holds companies in other BRIC (Brazil Russia India China) countries. And is not wholly focused on China.

But…almost all other funds focused on China are above 1% excluding ETFs…so I think it would be worth it.

If you are a very long-term investor, there is everything to indicate that China will be prosperous in the long-term, but rocky in the short-term.

Link to Vanguard:


Okay… thanks Kublai!