How To Invest In Artificial Intelligence? (2018)


It seems the next ten years are going to be absolutely enormous for Artificial Intelligence…

Does anyone know I can start investing in the technology next year?

Investing in robotics 2018 - what strategies should I use?

I think the most obvious suggestions would be through big tech companies.

If you were to invest though, I would choose Chinese big tech over American big tech.The regulatory tail-wing in the west is that big-tech has had a negative impact over the past few years and FAANG have become too big.

In China, the communist party knows that big tech is the key to owning the future. Rather than shunning their tech companies they encourage them - especially in the realm of artificial intelligence.

An example of the big money behind tech is when the government said they would allocate $150 billion to the Chinese semi-conductor industry. And these figures aren’t hype either…a year after the announcement, they had given almost a third of the funds away!


I think Chinese big-tech has a far lesser chance of getting caught in the regulatory tailwinds!


Another alternative would be a mutual fund invested in ai…

Polar Capital have recently released such as a fund. But I think its focused more on robotics than on tech:

They one serious downside however looks like the cost…

The fund has an AMC of 1.3% p.a. and an additional platform fee of 0.45%.

On top of that, there will be a performance fee as well!

So, it is actually incredibly steep…but it is definitely worth considering…

Could be a nice hedge in your pension against a robot taking your job!



No, thank you!



I completely agree with the statement above about Chinese tech…

In October, Alibaba announced they were seeking $15bn for their own AI labs!


Okay, the Chinese tech angle makes a lot of sense!

I am reading an article on robotics now. According to IDC, a tech research firm, the robot market will grow at a compound rate of 17% a year… most of the growth will occur in China apparently.

In 2015, China accounted for almost 35% of robot-related patents alone! Nearly double their nearest rival Japan…

link to article (paywall):


Looking at it from an usual perspective, I think an investment in AI regulatory software would be a good call…

Nasdaq recently acquired a company called Sybenetix which uses an AI platform to invest in find rogue traders…

Since the recession, there has been an absolutely incredible number of regulations brought in. This could be a way of capitalising on the trend…

According to an ft article on the subject, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan spend over $1bn a year on regulatory compliance and controls…


Could be worth a look!


Yep… agree…

This could also warrant a look:

Or another one called Onfido. It’s just raised $30 million from Crane Venture Partners.

It’s a customer verification tool… it’s already won business from Delivero, Nutmeg and Just Giving.


Also worth a look:


Wow, very interesting!



We mentioned China’s focus on AI before: