How To Invest In Chinese Artificial Intelligence?


I’ve been following the developments in China in ai and things look extremely exciting so far…

The Chinese government are ploughing money into Chinese ai

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can invest?


I definitely agree that ai in China is a burgeoning field - it’s definitely fairly exciting

I think there are a few opportunities in China at the moment. Firstly, the Chinese companies who were reliant on US semi-conductor companies are now creating chips for themselves and their contemporaries.

Looking at the MIT Tech-Review, China’s integrated circuit industry expanded by 58% from 2000 to 2016…

This new generation of Chinese “thinker” chips would set themselves apart in their ability to support neural networks, understand human speech and identify objects in the real world…

There are definitely exciting opportunities out there, the problem is that retail investors can’t capture the growth. Either you have pumped up start-ups which go from start-up to IPO in a few years, or enormous multinationals who need to make billions to even move the dial.

I also read that the Chinese are steadily increasing the number of researchers. From 2015, the number of journal articles featuring the word “deep learning” rocketed amongst the Chinese. There is everything to suggest that this trend will continue:


I think this is a case of watch this space