How to invest in the ethical investment boom?


The ethical investment industry is absolutely booming…

…how can I invest?


ESG (environmental, social and governance) standards is now an industry which has surpassed $20 trillion in market value and the performance of these strategies leaves no one in doubt.

ESG funds has also outperformed the index by nearly 50% since the 2008 financial crisis. Not too shabby at all…

ESG tracking investments on Blackrock’s iShares platform also reached $390m in July and this brings total inflows to something like $5.7!

You can invest in ethical investments through different means…

Individual Stocks - if you want a stake in a particular stock, you can choose a stock included in ethical investment indices listed here…

-ACT Australian Cleantech Index

-FTSE Environmental Technology Index Series

-Impax ET50 ,

-NASDAQ® Clean Edge® U.S. Liquid Series Index

-The Renaissance Green IPO Index

-WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index

-WilderHill Clean Energy Index, Bovespa ISE

-Domini 400 Social Index

-Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

-FTSE4Good Index Series

-Jantzi Social Index (JSI)

-KLD Broad Market Social Index

-KLD U.S. Corporate Bond (USCB) Index

-LOHAS Index

-S&P ESG India

SRI Index Malaysia & Singapore SRI Index (Malaysia)

You can also invest in tracker funds which track the performance of the benchmarks listed above.

The most famous index company Vanguard have various products for social investors, e.g.

There are quite a few ETFs and Index Funds geared towards this market…strong text

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