How To Start Your Own Hedge Fund With No Money?


Does anyone know how to start your own hedge fund except without any money whatsoever…

Is it possible?



I think it you wanted to go down the normal route that would cost you about $30k or thereabouts. If you wanted to half do it, it would cost you $3k…

It all depends on whether you set up some sort of LP, or simply an LLC to represent the GP…

Otherwise you could set-up a regular ole LLC, but that could that fairly spicy if you’re not careful!

The legal accounting is also incredibly important, you really need to make sure you work on that stuff - it’s absolutely key!

What Do You Need To Get Started?
I would say you need roughly $50m to get you started and a track record of 3 years as well. Otherwise, it will be grim!

You will attract friends of friends to invest, but institution is ever going to touch you. A track record is absolutely essential. If you keep on making solid returns more and more people will want to invest - it’s that simple! One or two years can make you seem lucky - three years will really set you apart!

Also take some time to look into a suitable structuring! If you hire top notch lawyers, it’s very possible that your fund could get really top-notch structuring advice through a combination of:

• Connections

• Quality Pedigree

• Unique Investment Style/Returns

Ver few people will trust anyone without a CFO, KYC, an auditor or anything else. That is absolutely crucial to remember!!!

It think the main takeaway is that you need to work out a way of raising the cash. That’s absolutely crucial!!!