I want to invest in artificial intelligence investment funds. Any ideas?


I have seen a lot of interest in AI lately and I want to invest in a mutual fund focused on AI…

Does anyone have any ideas?

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The unfortunate thing about investing in AI is that its venture capitalists who get most of the pie…

And it’s in their interesting to take serious stakes in heavy hitting AI companies, because people knows that’s where the opportunity…

There has been some posts on here about AI before, for example this:

Basically, the only ai stocks available are the big tech companies, which I wouldn’t touch personally - at least not now with sky-high valuations and the public mood turning against them!


I think that you have to be more creative than FAANG stocks to see high returns…

Crescat Capital wrote in their Q2 2016 letter than they were long on NVidia Inc.

In Fact, NVidia outperformend all FAANGS in 2015 and they are all customers of NVidia.

They said that NVidia was attractive for a number of reasons:

• Owned 10,000 patents

• Invented GPU

• Own high performance computers, e.g. ai, , virtual reality and autonomous cars…

• Leader in video game graphics semi-conductors, a growth market in which it is the leader

This is what Crescat’s team had to say:

It’s definitely worth a look!



Crescat Capital is definitely a run an amazing fund… they’re a value investor’s investor!


Not many people know that Tesla Motors have actually partnered with NVidia for their self-driving cars - ModelS, Model X and upcoming Model 3

All will be equipped with an NVidia-powered on-board “supercomputer” which can provide self-driving



Another interesting stock would be Blue Prism UK

• Market Cap - 1bn.

• Share price has risen 1500% since 2016

According to Daily Telegraph, its still a hidden gem despite enormous share price gain:

According to a certain analyst at Smith & Williamson:

“It’s covered by only two analysts and could fall into the ‘undiscovered gems’ camp despite the huge recent rise in the share price. We think this technology will become ubiquitous for financial firms to reduce cost and improve accuracy. The ability to avoid regulatory breaches is just as important as the cost saving.”


You could try this:


Personally, I would stick with Polar Capital’s Robotics Fund!