Investing In AI 2018


I am think about putting some fun money into ai…

Is there any sort of index I can put my money into?


Have you thought about investing in a theme?

Through motif investing?

That could be a solution for you!

iRobot the ETF comes to mind…


AI is a tough one. Companies from around the world are investing so much in ai, I think it’s going to be in every company. Just like companies today now all invest and use cloud computing systems, ai and ml will be every company not just facebook or google…

I read a book on ml recently and it talked about the key features of a company in the future…

• Data - to learn about the customer

• Algorithims - to glean insights

• Ml and AI systems to use the algs to manufacture products, or carry out another service…

A lot of focus is on the ml and ai itself - very little is on the data. That’s where the phrase data is the new oil came from…


AI is so all encompassing - there are so many different angles!

  1. Self-driving cars
  2. Robotic housecleaning
  3. Various military applications projects
  4. Voice recognition systems
  5. Home automation
  6. Computer aided instruction



I think AI is very exciting…

If you think of the cultural advances we have seen since the industrial revolution, they have been incredible! It’s not impossible to imagine these advances taking place at a much faster rate. AI could lead us to some incredibly exciting discoveries

I think a lot of industries around ai and ml have the hype priced in - maybe even too much. I thin you are far more likely to do well by going at things from a different angle…

I remember reading that ag tech is the most underserved area in tech, however the innovations from ag tech are clearly going to be incredible! I think you need to go about things differently…


Instead of investing in ai, what about investing in trends that ai creates? One of my ideas is entertainment. I think the demand for entertainment will increase significantly, because people will need to be entertained…

I found an article in the Atlantic about a typical family’s budget 100 years ago. It easy to imagine the cost of producing anything dropping significantly, because robots can do it at a far lesser rate.

The cost of food and apparel has dropped significantly, while the money spent on entertainment has risen by almost a 200%.

If we are all automated in the future I could see a scenario where we are spending a far greater portion of our time on entertainment, because there’s nothing else to do.

Just a thought.


I definitely see the value in taking the long view, but that is seriously long!

I think that’s probably the extremely long view!


I mean… this certainly isn’t the short view anyway!!!