Investing In AI - How Can It Be Done?


I recently sold my company and now I want to move into investing myself…

I have been tracking developments in AI and have been thinking about investing significant resources into AI related stocks…

What ai stocks should I invest in?


I have given this some thought and I think Alibaba could be very good bet. (I will get to the could in a second!)

1. Alibaba Has Chinese State Support
Alibaba has support from the Chinese government and that’s huge. The Chinese rarely go into things half-heartedly, as we have seen from their forays in green energy.

It looks like Ai is no different.

We see this happening already. As a quartz article outlined earlier this year, the number of ai researchers in China jumped by 13% from 2012 to 2017. This figure fell from 41% to 34% in the US!

  1. Alibaba Is Investing Enormous Money Into AI Projects…

We can already see the net -effect of these processes on Alibaba’s day-to-day structure!

There are pitfalls to this strategy however.

Today Alibaba is the most shorted stock:

The short volume on Alibaba exceeds Tesla!

All of the shorting might have something to do with ana rticle published in Barrons which argued that Alibaba’s balance was growing incredibly distant from reality:

If you are investing in Alibaba, do not do it without adequate research!