Investing in China (2018)


If you have come here to invest in china, think about it before you make any bold moves…

There is enormous hype about China at the moment. The country in the process of opening its A-Shares market, which means that stocks which were previously only open to chinese retial investors are now open to the world!

An article in the financial times today, says there is enormous opportunity for investors in china. But is there though?

In the past few years, China’s private debt has absolutely ballooned!

When people say that the Chinese economy is booming, they point to the increase in spending by regular Chinese.

But it looks this is being fuelled by extremely high levels of debt!

I have written about this topic before at length. I will include a link. Just don’t get too excited about China’s growth just yet, China could actually be on of the biggest credit bubbles in history

Be careful out there is all I am saying!