Investing in hard assets?



I want to allocate my portfolio to hard assets which are liquid and will hold their value during any type of economic downturn…

The rest of my portfolio is in equities, so I want to be able to pick up bargains during a downturn, but I don’t trust global currencies, especially since the fed is ludicrously over-leveraged!



I would say through rail (GLFOX) or farmland REITs, there are many out there on the market…

I think someone wrote about them on the website already!


Agree with that…

Some people might thin kthat rail is going to get wiped out by driverless trucks, but driverless have a really long way to go before that time arrives…

Rail is:

• Hyper efficient at moving stuff across America/Canada/Mexico

• Rail engines are probably 500 times more powerful than truck engines


If you want to protect against inflation…

Try inflation protected securities! (TIPS)

Also, have a look at timber farms. Obviously, farms themselves aren’t liquid, but you can invest in them through RYN, PCH and WY!

Also wine funds could be a good shout as well…they buy wines at reasonable prices and then re-sell them once they have appreciated in value.


Cool, thanks…

A lot of interesting options here!