Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme Start-Ups (Investing Passport)?


I want to apply to the Irish immigrant investor programme to apply for residence there. There are a few options to invest in different start-ups, but I want to find a data-base where I can access a list of all the start-ups in the echo system?

I want to be able to have the financial data of the start-ups, press coverage, interviews, possibly even a presentation… is that something that could be possible?


Hi there,

We have had significant interest from a few individuals seeking to learn more about the immigrant investor programme in Ireland and more specifically, the start-ups that one can invest in.

If the demand continues, we will create a database of start-up companies and investment funds that are available to invest in - with tax reductions. I think it would make the process much easier for investors and might even attract more people to come to Ireland!

If this is something you would find interesting, send me a private message.



I know from first-hand experience that Ireland offers wonderful opportunities to foreign investors (provided you have the cash)…