Is China A Good Place To Invest?


I am a reasonably successful entepreneur, I sold my company recently and now I want to allocate a cetain portfion of my portfolio towards China…

The rise of China A-Shares combined with the opening of the bond market greatly interest me…

What are everyone’s thoughts?


If you want to speculate on Chinese stocks - go ahead

But be careful - Chinese stocks can be a dangerous beast. Even the biggest names can be loose

Alibaba was recently accused of essentially cooking the books with fake numbers:

I would be careful. The rules for auditing Chinese stocks are for more lx there than here - you add state-owned enterprises to the mix, you could have a nasty surprise with some of the stuff you buy!


I will say that China is communist on paper, but in reality its trying to essentially be capitalist nation…

They say they have socialism with Chinese characteristics…

Whatever that means…

See article:


If you are interested in investing in China, read Crescat’s letters on China first. That’s all I’ll say: