Is it possible to trade in Lithium Derivatives? (options, futures etc...)


I have become increasingly interested in derivatives in the past few years…I am now wondering whether its possible to invest in lithium futures?

If so, where can I invest in them?


Lithium derivatives are an interesting one…

They are definitely not available now, I think that’s because Lithium is not yet an incredibly hot commodity. Obviously, if electric cars become more popular than we expected… it is likely companies will need derivatives to hedge against the supply and demand of the commodity…

When that happens, you will be able to trade in them (I presume you’re interested in futures as a way of making money, rather than because you’re a business owner)

If you are interested in capitalising on lithium, I would look for an over-looked mining company which is exposed to the commodity. While it may seem reasonable to go all in on a pure lithium miner, we won’t know how fast the demand for lithium will grow…

If the Bloomberg’s numbers on electric car sales are anything to go by… lithium mining companies would be a great call!


This thread is worth a look!


It looks like we could be onto something…


Wow, this looks really fascinating!