Is there a tool out there for artificial intelligence stock prediction?


I am interested in a took which generates stock predictions, or can forecast events before they occur?

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I am assuming you meant tool…

In terms of stock prediction, I don’t think an artificially intelligent stock picker would be much use actually. Even if someone created a tool for predicting the performance of stocks in the future…everyone would copy it and it would no longer be successful. You need an extra competitive advantage…

You need a competitive advantage beyond stock picking…

Look at Warren Buffett. Buffett has created a number of competitive advantages for himself at Berkshire. One example is that he has structured Berkshire to allow him to take extremely long-term bets, whereas Wall Street is notoriously short-term. Buffett can afford for a stock to payout moderately for years and then absolutely explode, Wall Street can’t.

Its advantages like these that separate Buffett and allow him to perform, not necessarily the performance of his stocks. Afterall, anyone can look up Buffett’s stock picks after each quarter through SEC filings. If Buffett’s only advantage was his stock picking ability, everyone would just copy him.


I’m going to chime in and say I completely agree.

If someone created an ai stock picker, everyone would just copy the algorithms.

You would need more competitive advantage, stocks alone are not enough.


Agree with all of the above…

You can invest in ETFs which use stock prediction Algorithims such as MIND:

It is the world’s first exchange traded fund which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to invest and trade in different stocks:

Its probably important to note that wall street has been using algorithms like these for years…almost always they end up becoming a disaster. The crash in 1982 I think was related to trading algorithms going wrong…

The funny thing about human greed and making money is that…

If there is a way of making money, someone has more than likely already thought of it!


In the age of ai traders, index funds and ETFs I think there is a market for old school value investing…

When the index funds create an artificial market, and it looks like we are going that way, I am going to be ready to pick up some bargains when the stampede runs for safety!


Just found this…

Looks like a value-investing ML programme…

Think I might stick with the real thing though!


Also, this looks interesting.

A biologist basically set up his own hedge fund using algorithim’s from his study of biology: