Is there opportunity investing in Africa?


I see the Chinese are pouring money into Africa…

I think one of the earlier posts on here looked at investing in kenya

I want to know how I can capture a coming boom in Africa…


Your right… Chinese investment in China is absolutely sky rocketing

I found a visualisation online which shows the sky rocketing investing in different parts of the country…

Their influence is not limited to equity investments, but they are also extending credit lines too…

10 African Destinations For Chinese Investment

Chinese trade with Africa is growing rapidly

ETFs, Mutual Funds And Other Investment Products
You can invest in Africa through popular ETFs such as:

-Market Vectors Africa Index ETF (NYSE: AFK)

-SPDR S&P Middle East & Africa ETF (NYSE: GAF)

-MENA Frontier Countries Portfolio (NYSE: PMNA)

-Middle East Dividend ETF (NYSE: GULF)
Frontier Markets ETF (NYSE: FRN)

What are the top emerging technologies to invest in? (2018)

Wow, that looks really interesting… I will give it a read now…