Is there such thing as a robotics index fund?


I want start investing in futures trends…

is there a way of investing in a robotics index fund?

Ideas For Investing In Robotics In 2018

The first thing I should point out is that ETFs and index funds are not the same…

Both products track an index, yet index funds are actually much much safer. That is coming from the father of index funds, who Warren Buffett says has done more for investors than anyone else in the United States…

I would only really invest in index funds, I think ETFs are dangerous

There are other ways to invest in robotics and AI apart from ETFs…

• There are a few robotics mutual funds, for example Polar Capital’s Robotics fund:

• You could also invest in the large cap tech, although I would go for chinese large-tech as the regulatory winds are blowing in Google’s direction!

• You could also invest in a fund managed by AI. I wouldn’t do it myself, but it could be worth a shot:

There are a ton of options for you as an investor…

The only thing is that the real money is probably in early stage venture capital, but that is absolutely very difficult to come across!


Wow, thanks for your help - I will definitely check these out!


There is no doubt though…

That the opportunities are in robotics!