List of 2018 investing books...(recommended reading list)


This isn’t a question per se, it’s more of a collection of thoughts on books that will make you a better investor in 2018…

Dream Big - Conho Grande I have just started this and its very good. It basically charts the history of Brazi’s most famous investment bank and how a young ambitious team built the Brazilian version of Goldman Sachs from essentially nothing.

King Of Capital: The Remarkable Rise, Fall And Rise Of Steve Schwarzman And Blackstone - David Carey And John Edward Morris. The book follows Steve Schwarzman as he builds a modern Private Equity Titan from scratch.

The Big Short - Michael Lewis. One of my favourite stories of all time. The books follows Michael Burry, an awkward investing genius, who foresees arguable the greatest financial crisis of modern times and places a billion dollar bet against it.