Robo VS Botz ETF 2018 - Which Is Better?



I want to invest in an ETF which tracks an automation and robotics index…

I am looking at the Robo ETF and the Botz ETF:

Which one is better?

Artificial Intelligence Investment Opportunities [2018]
Artificial Intelligence Mutual Funds

Okay, I have looked at a few metrics to answer your question.

Judging from the metrics, Botz is the better buy.

Although it has a pe ratio of roughly 26 in comparison to Robo, it is significantly cheaper in comparison.

.3% may not seem like a lot, but over time this is very expensive…

When you look at performance data, Botz has outperfomed robo as well by almost 10%…

When you put everything together, Botz is significantly cheaper and it has performed better in the past two years…

Winner: BOTZ!


To be fair, past performance is in now way indicative of future performance…

Just something to bear in mind…