Scotland investment visa 2018


I am a real estate entrepreneur from the New Zealand and I want to expand my business interests into the UK - Brexit has created some serious opportunities for us!

I want to join gain Scottish citizenship through investment so our firm can expand into the UK easily and eventually I want to move here…

Can anyone tell me more about the programme in the Scotland?


The rules for investing in Scotland are similar to the rest of the UK…

If you read them on the official uk gov website, they are fairly boring - I will try to outline them briefly!

Investment Options

75% must be invested in:

• UK Gov Bonds
• UK companies

25% must be invested in UK financial institutions…

Option 1
Investment : £2m
Stay: 5 Years

Option 2
Investment: £5m
Stay: 3 Years

Option 3
Investment: £10 m
Stay: 2 years

Everyone who applies must:

• In the UK for than 275 days every year

• Have a good character

• Show knowledge of UK, life and culture

And that’s it!


Interesting, I would definitely consider Scotland if moving abroad…