Selling real estate to the chinese?


How can I learn to sell real estate to the chinese??


It’s very important to understand the Chinese customer! I will go through a few things…

WeChat is an absolutely crucial platform for selling to chinese!

Most communication goes entirely through WeChat goes. WeChat is the chiense equivalent to faceboko and a large majority of chinese use WeChat for day to day life.

It’s been called the swiss army knife of modern china…

On WeChat you can build your own microsite to cater to audience. (HTML5). Mircosites are essentially a brochure for your business - they should look presentable!

This is obvious, however it must be pointed out - your site must have very high quality content. Otherwise, customers may not think you are a serious brand.

3. WeChat Ads
You can use WeChat ads to build your mailing list as well as simply chase leads. It’s important to ensure you target your audience, because the majority of Chinese see a lot of ads online!

4. Customer Service
Providing a very high level of customer service is also very important for your brand. Its crucial to understand cultural differences. This will increase Chinese consumers trust in your brand!

Look at other marketing channels as well.

Baidu is the Chinese equivalent of google and could be a great alternative. Unfortunately you would need to own a Chinese registered domain to use Baidu, meaning you would have to actually set-up in China…

It might also be an option to connect with Chinese on other online forums to boost your brands.

If you are a low value brand and you have little web traffic, you could simply post on online forums to gain customers and customer’s trust…

Another option would be to find potential investors on Juwai

If you follow these steps, you should have no problem in finding prospective Chinese investors!