Should I invest in healthcare mutual funds? (2018)


I want to get started investing in healthcare mutual funds…

As western populations age, the demand for healthcare is going to surge and it makes safe to capitalise on this long-term trend…

Should I invest in healthcare mutual funds?


You definitely should, but I think there are only a few ways of doing it…

Either do some serious research into this field and invest in a concentrated portfolio of stocks (2-4), or just buy a low-cost mutual fund…

Vanguard offer a low-cost actively managed mutual fund which has an expense ratio of roughly .36% (although there is an index which costs .10%).

The fund is managed by wellington but is very low-cost and it could be ideal for those looking for low-cost entry.

Two warnings though:

1. Don’t Expect Much Of A Dividend. Healthcare is never great for dividends and so you could be disappointed if you were expecting consistent income.

Dividend will be around 1%.

2. The Fund Avoids Anything Sexy. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are set to change healthcare forever, there is no doubt about this. This fund doesn’t invest in any of those areas, it just invents in unsexy small caps and bluechips.

If you want the sexy option, put your money into IBM, or other AI start-ups