The Future Of Asset Management



In the next five years, the change to the investing world and asset management industry is going to be incredibly profound for three reasons…

Robotic Process Automation
RPA is an emerging process technology based on the idea of AI algs. The software is designed to replicate the function osf a human worker. It matches the actions of a human being.

The robots sit at workstations like normal workers. They have mouses and keyboards but don’t use them like a nomral human would - they are virtual.

I could go on but you get the idea. RPA technology is essentially designed to replace office drones…

Everyone knows blockchain technology - I won;'t dwell on it too much. I will say howevr that the technology allows people to exchange value (goods, services) without a platform. All exchanges are recorded onto a digital leadger to everyone to see…

Blockchain will reduce the amount of paperwork needed and make the business more efficient…

Cognitive Technology
Cognitive tech will allow traders to build algorithms that make predictions based on historical data…and it will teach peopel how to respond to markets…

Ray Dalio has been building algorithms for twenty years and he said recently that the world is going to develop into a society of those that own algorithms and those who are disrupted by them. Pretty heavy stuff!

I have to say, I find this stuff endlessly fascinating!!!