Top Robotics Companies To Invest In?


Is there anyone following any robotics companies out there?

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I found an article from a few years on the topic, as I would be interested myself…

Here is the list

  1. IRobot
    -A US army backed start-up making serious waves in the robotics world. Its revenues went from $50 million in 2013 to $500 million.

  2. Google
    -google are building driverless cars, investing in industrial robotics and many other things.

  3. Touch Bionics
    A robotics company focused on bringing prosthetics into the mobile age…

  4. Touch Bionics
    A drone company invested in sophisticated flying technologies.

  5. Rethink robotics
    For rethinking menial labour…the company builds humanoids, allowing it to automate a wide variety of assembly line tasks…

  6. Accuray
    A robotics company which has treated up to 100,000 patients for different tumours…

  7. Liquid Robotics
    For using sun and sea to power a fleet of robotic ships

  8. Bosch
    A robomower automates mowing the lawn…

  9. QBotix
    For streamlining solar power with robots and monorails.

  10. Prox Dynamics
    For hurling palm launched drones into the line of fire…

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Interesting - will take a look!

Also, it looks like your QBOTIX has been shut down…

Shame because that looked like the most interesting one…