What are some of the best books for aspiring entrepreneurs?


I am interested in entrepreneurship in the future…

Can anyone recommend any good books for aspiring entrepreneurs?


Perennial Best-Seller - Ryan Holiday

I read this book last summer and it was excellent. The books looks at the most successful entrepreneurs and artists in history and their most successful projects.

He uses a wide range of examples, to dissect what makes a project become a pereniall best seller - something that sells forever…

The book is broken into Four Sections

I. The Creative Process (From the Mindset to Making the Maic)

II. Positioning (From polishing to packaging)

III. Marketing (From courting to coverage, pushing and promotion)

IV. Platform. From fans to friends and a full-fledged career)

The books stands out in the marketing sections. Holiday gives an insider look into his pr wizardry and sheds light on the marketing techniques he used to transform American Apparel into a billion dollar behemoth…

The book has a 4.2 rating on good reads and I agree - it’s an brilliant read. And a must have for entrepreneurs who want to build their empires on a shoestring budget!


Great stuff from Ryan Holiday!