What are the best artificial intelligence investment ideas? (2018)



I am a successful entrepreneur in the global real estate space and I have recently di-vested from an REIT I started twelve years ago…

I have done relatively well for myself, earning roughly a 13% compounded return since 2007 (after fees)

I fear we are in record valuations and so, I want to plough some of my capital into alternative investments…

AI is a buzzword today, however I can see Ai could potentially change everything and therefore I want to invest…

Can anyone recommend any ai stocks buys?


There’s been some ideas on ai investment ideas already…

• Old School Value AI Investment:


• Some Ideas On Investing In AI Infrastructure


Ai is definitely in its early days…

Many of tomorrow’s AI behemoths are still in their early funding stages - they have not entered public markets yet.

Afterall, AI investments are definitely on the rise in the venture scene though:

I think an interesting exercise would be to note where the smart-money venture is going today, put alerts on these companies and invest in them when they IPO…

One such person is Li Ka Shing, Hong Kong Billionaire. Ka Shing has proven his melt as an investor willing to invest in almost anything he sees potential in. And it has largely worked - today, he is Asia’s richest man.

Fano Labs
Fano Labs is one of Ka Shing’s most investments recently.

The company uses NLP to enter China’s vast call centre market.

Call centre activity in China is booming and Chinese Call Centres now have capacity to answer 2 million calls at any moment - up from 500k in 2012.

The industry is also forecasted to reach $39 billion by 2020. As these numbers grow, call centres are expected to move towards machine learning, ai and robotics processes to provide a better customer experiences and operational insights…

Fano labs looks to cater to the 60% of chinese consumers who expect to make calls in their regional dialects and not in mandarin.

As miles Wen puts it in a recent article for the South china Morning post:

“If someone from Sichuan is calling his local telecoms company, he’ll likely speak in Sichuanese first and not Mandarin unless they’re asked to switch,” said Wen, estimating that about 60 per cent of call-centre engagements are conducted in dialect.

How to invest in Fano Labs?

Fano Labs is not public, so its not possible to invest in it yet. But if you add the company to google alerts, you could invest if it ever goes public. This would probably be a safe investment approach.

Fano will most likely be registered on the Hong Kong stock exchange, which is open to investors from the west. Chinese companies like to IPO on the Hong Kong exchange as it gives them the exposure to western investors that you do not have in mainland’s china’s stock markets, which are only open to China’s retail investors.

This one is definitely going on my stock alert list!

Here’s some reading materials on Fano:


Ka Shing does not f*ck around. Here is an example of his investment in Britain since 2015.


Here’s a recent article on Fano Labs from tech crunch…