What Are The Best Retire Early Books 2018?



I recently come across the retire early movement lead by Mr Money Mustache

I am very interested in in the idea of building wealth through index funds and then retiring in 10 years aged 25-40

Does anyone recommend any books for this?


Early Retirement Extreme - Jacob Lund Fisker

This is the book that influenced early retirement blogger, My Money Mustache, to retire early in the 2000s. Aged 35.

In the book, Fisker outlined the tools, tips and tricks he used to retire early from work and live the life of a leisurely aristocrat!

The books takes you through his basic strategy, which involves:

• Increasing savings rates to 40%-80% of total take home pay

• Frugality. And lots of it. Jacob never eats in restaurants, lives in an inexpensive home, splits expenses with his wife, always cycles and grows his own food in a home garden…

• Investing Your Cash. Jacob then invests in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash-like instruments and gold…

My Money Mustache even called it:

The entirety of human civilization and thought, expressed as a series of equations and graphs

This is without a doubt the definitive book on early retirement… if you want to stop plodding along as a corporate drone and live the early retirement dream…

Buy this book today!


Cheers nice one - will definitely take a look!