What Are The Best Robotics Mutual Funds In 2018?


I want introduce some exposure to robotics in my investment portfolio next year…

Does anyone have any recommendations for the best robotics mutual funds?

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I myself am very interested in robotics related mutual funds as well…

There’s already been some posts on robotics before:

Robotics and AI is definitely the investment of the future!

That, or water!


Its not robotics, but you could invest in semi-conductor company ETFs…

This is what I am looking at:


Semi-conductor companies make the chips that are vital for all forms of modern computing. During the coming AI boom, all systems will need to run on AI chips…

If you want to capitalise on the automation trend, invest in semi-conductor companies…

If you had invested in the semi-conductor ETF at the end of the dot-com boom…it would be be worth over 600% more today - excluded re-invested earnings!