What are the best stock market books of all time?


I want to begin investing and I want to read the best stock market books?



The Ascent Of Money - Niall Ferguson

The book is brilliant for getting a full view of finance, not necessarily the stock market.
Ferguson looks into the most famous and important financial institutions ever created.
He moves from the history of the Rothschild’s empire to the roaring 20s and subsequent 1929 depression.

This book is brilliant as an introduction to high finance. It explains the origins of stocks, bonds, mortgages, insurance and commodities. By learning about their history, you get incredible insights into the concepts themselves

This isn’t for history nerds. It’s for anyone who wants to an introduction to high finance!

It is groundbreaking.



The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing - John Bogle. Great book outlining the basics of passive investing.

Passive Investing the most important investing trend of the past ten years. The author and owner of the Vanguard group now has $4.5 trillion assets under management.
The author makes a very convincing case for abandoning fund managers completely and their high costs and building your own wealth building machine through a combination of low-cost index funds and dividend re-investment!

Essential reading.