What are the most effective marketing strategies in china


I have begun creating a product for Chinese consumers, except I a unsure about how to break into the market…

Can anyone suggest a way?


Influencer marketing is absolutely critical. Except I think it would be best to hire a local agency for that. Translating mandarin can be difficult and local knowledge is absolutely critical…

Influencer Marketing
I read an article in the FT recently which talked about using influencer marketing to sell minis. In July 2017, the team at mini hired Becky Li to pith their new car to her audience…Within 5 minutes, 100 minis
were sold

Becky Li

Selling On A Platform
You could also sell on an online platform. Platforms provide traffic for you, a dedicated customer base and they also provide an excellent shopping experience.

In China, singles day is arguably the most important shopping day. On singles day 2017, many car makers sold over 100,000 vehicles in just 24 hours!

Platforms include JD.com, TMall and Alibaba…

Good luck