What Are The Top AI Stock Picks 2018



I found a list of the top JP Morgan AI stock picks…

1. Facebook
Facebook is their first pick. Facebook has large user-base and heavy investments in the AI space. Its priced at $225 at the moment.

2. Oracle
Oracle has invested deeply in its customer experience cloud. It could play a big role in the call centre space.

3. Palo Alto Networks (PANW)
PANW is a security platform which provides “a wide suite of enterprise-level next-generation firewalls, with a range of security features for your network”. Cool.

4. Workday
Workday is the employee management platform, which deals with all the HR necessities in a company.

5. Twilio
The company allows users to convert speech to text and analyse voice calls. It uses Google’s Cloud Speech API to do everything apparently…

I actually think there is enormous opportunity in companies that are impossible to disrupt, but are guaranteed to be improved by machine learning, ai and general automation.

I have talked about this with another member of our forum and our best idea was Coca Cola. If we had a bear market and Coca Cola became cheap, I would get very greedy.

Coca Cola’s brand is so strong, that you could never disrupt it. And the business has not changed a great deal in last 160 years.

Considering Wall Street is notoriously short-term, I don’t think these opportunities will be priced into the stock in the long-term…

AI is frothy now, but if we had another tech crash/scare, I would just buy a low-cost ETF investing catering to robotics and automation, except without large-cap tech. That FAANG stocks are going to be hit with some serious regulation. I’m definitely short big-tech.